DATE: 28-30 June 2022

HOSTING ORGANISATION: i-Strategies (Italy)

During the month of June we got the opportunity to meet in Offida to carry out our training activities, and we can proudly say that they were a success.
Firstly, this was the first occasion in which our whole consortium was finally able to meet in person which was an added value to the overall experience.
Secondly, during the activities, we mainly focused on the topic of storytelling since we were lucky enough to be guided by the experts, and our partners, i-strategies. We understood how an effective storytelling product is created, which elements should be considered and the whole process that goes behind it. We also had a first-hand experience to learn how to use different program to edit and create an effective storytelling video.
Moreover, we also got the opportunity to listen and be inspired by the amazing story of Sandra Gouveia a migrant entrepreneur who opened her business after moving from Brazil. She gave us examples and insights of her successful story, which could be summarised with the words: motivation, positivity and courage- characteristics that we also strive to share through our project INTEGRATE
Additionally, the beautiful historical setting of Offida made our whole stay memorable! It was also an occasion to build and strengthen the relationship within the partnership, an experience that is always very important for a good outcome of the project.

Here are some pictures of our training activities:

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