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One of the main challenges Europe is facing at the moment, is the integration of migrants in the host countries. However, the successful integration of migrants can turn this challenge into an opportunity for growth and a more inclusive society. Europe needs all its talents and migrant entrepreneurs represent a source of untapped potential for the creation of new jobs. Already 6.6% of self-employed people in the European Union were born outside of their country of residence, which is more than 2 million people. Of these foreign-born self-employed people, 47% were born outside of the European Union. Some studies show that on average immigrants are more prone to set up their own business compared to EU citizens with a non-migrant background.


The main objective of the INTEGRATE project is to foster migrants’ social inclusion, through promoting entrepreneurship and self-confidence.

With this in mind, the INTEGRATE project aims to:

  • use the impact of personal stories to improve the individual and societal attitudes towards migration.
  • to foster migrants’ entrepreneurial engagement and business promotion through an innovative entrepreneurial training course.
  • enhance policymakers’ awareness about the migrants’ potential in the economic systems.

Our team

Italienska Handelskammaren

Giovanni Brandimarti info@italchamber.se

Novare Potential

Fazard Golchin farzad.golchin@ novarepotential.se

Emphasys Centre

Athos Charalambides info@emphasyscentre.com


Gianluca Vagnarelli Email: gianluca@i-strategies.it

Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft

Carola Dierich Email: carola.dierich@wisamar.de

Associazione Cnos-Fap Regione Piemonte

Lucio Reghelin piemonte@cnosfa.net

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