Module 2: Practical Skills & Competences to Start a Business

Module Description:

How to start a business:
Learn how to write a Business Plan, understand who your competitors are, identify different funding options.
Do you already know what kind of company you want to create and where? In this module you will find tips related to all these issues, without forgetting the important thing. Tell us about your success!

The module “How to start a business” covers the following entrepreneurial competences:

  1. Business Idea
  2. Business Planning
  3. Business Running & Management

Each competence corresponds to the following entrepreneurial sub-competences:

  1. How to elaborate a business idea
  2. How to draft a business plan
  3. Management & administration (organizational & management skills, legal structure, tax, insurance, finance, and IT resources)

1.1 Module Description
1.2 Competence 1 – Business Idea
1.3 Competence 2 – Business Plan
1.3.2 Competence 2 – Practice
1.4 Competence 3 – Business Running & Management
1.4.1 Manage your Cash Flow
1.4.2 Intellectual Property Rights

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