Module 3: Intercultural Module

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module 3

Module Description:
Cultural Awareness is the ability to understand cultural differences and be aware of different cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions. Since globalization (in the sense of movements and exchanges of people, goods, services, capital, technologies, and cultural practices) is drastically increasing all over the planet, intercultural competence is a vital asset to possess to be able to function effectively across cultures, to think and act appropriately, and to communicate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds and thus being more aware of the culture in your new home country.

To achieve those aims, this module covers the following topic:

Topic 1 – Cultural Awareness, Globalization and Intercultural Competence
Topic 2 – Cultural Self-Awareness
Topic 3 – Cross-cultural Communication Skills
Topic 4- Cultural Explorers – Explore Different Cultures

Topic 1: Cultural Awareness, Globalization, and Intercultural Competence
This topic contains three broad components which will be analyzed and explained in different ways. Understanding and gradually making use of this knowledge and skills is essential when starting a new life in a new country. Even more important they become when having the ambition of starting your very own company in a host country whose culture is new to you.

The following subtopics are:
What is culture?
The cultural iceberg model, by Edward T. Hall
Cultural awareness in the workplace
Globalization and its cultural consequences
What is intercultural competence?
How to use Intercultural competence as an entrepreneur

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